HealthID Combo Set

$ 29.00 $ 36.00


Having a HealthID account makes it easy for you to:
  • Manage all your medications & set-up reminders via text/email to take them as prescribed.
  • Track what is important to your health - blood glucose, blood pressure, any medical conditions, allergies, weight & even Emergency Contacts.
Having your HealthID band and card you:
  • Can quickly communicate the medical information in your HealthID account.
  • Will alert a first responder or medical personnel that you have pertinent medical information that needs to be viewed.
  • Can have PEACE OF MIND!
How does my HealthID band and card show my medical information?

It's simple! Our logo includes the Star of Life symbol that is recognized by medical personnel. There are 3 ways they can view your medical info. FIRST, they can enter the HIP Code imprinted on your band and card at from any internet connected device. SECOND, they can touch-n-hold a NFC enabled smartphone over the logo of either your band or card. THIRD, the QR Code on your card can be scanned from any QR scanner app.

Additional Info:

  • Includes (1) HealthID band in your choice of color AND (1) HealthID card
  • Band is done in rubber with a stainless steel grommet closure
  • Band is adjustable to fit wrist sizes 6 to 8-3/4"L (perfect for children and adults)
  • Card is the same size as your credit cards (carry in a wallet, purse or backpack)
  • BOTH are waterproof and durable
  • No battery or charging required for either
  • Add/remove products to your HealthID account as needed...Want a new color band? Just add it!  Lost your old one? Just deactivate it to protect your information!
  • NFC enabled - a simple tap from an NFC enabled smartphone will instantly display your medical APP needed.
  • QR Code (only printed on the HealthID card) - can be quickly scanned with ANY QR scanner app
  • HIP Code (your unique identifier imprinted on band) - Enter the HIP Code at from any internet/data connected device to quickly view your medical information.